Sunday, April 7, 2019

Week 11

Welcome back everyone. For this week’s assignment I was going to draw out a mind map on my digital plans but I figured Id rather write it out. My first question I asked myself was “Who would my audience be?” I would probably be reaching out to people my age, although really all ages could listen to me. People who could relate to my interests. Next I had to come up with ideas on what I would talk about. Here are some of the ideas that came to mind.

If I was to do a digital story such as pod casts I would first want to figure out what I would want to talk about and make a series on. Would it be educational or entertaining? Knowing me it would not be educational. One of my ideas for putting in educational was talking about history but I Know nothing on history and it is a subject that bores even myself. So talking about that would not be a good idea. Another thought I had was doing educational pod casts on animals. But I felt like that would not be a good idea either. So I moved on to entertainment. What could I talk about that would be entertaining? My first thought was of course, music. I could talk about all my knowledge on different bands and maybe even the history on them for education. I could talk about how certain genres became what they are today such as Viking metal or black metal.

Aside from the history on music and genres and different bands I could also introduce people to knew bands because I know a lot of great ones that for some reason people who have the same taste in music as me don’t know about. I call these bands “hidden gems.” A good way to introduce this new music would be editing parts of the song of their best songs. I do edit a lot of my music and can do that pretty well and make my own ringtones and all. My only issue with that is all the copyright strikes I would probably get. With my mind on music my thoughts would be if I got popular I could maybe start interviewing band people and get their story.

Other then bands if I was to digital stories another thought that actually just came to my mind was narrating my own stories. What I mean by this is I use to write my own stories a while back and came out with two books and lots of short stories. If I went back and revisited them now I bet I could make them a whole lot better, action packed, and detailed. They all did have lots of action and battle sequences, but my writing skills have improved lots more over the years. I feel like a few people might listen to that. I wouldn’t need a webcam, just my microphone. My only issue with that is my voice inst very powerful. There isn’t much emphasis in my words. I am kind of bland. If I did that I would need to really try to make it sound exciting.

Now if I was to do a digital story on just me, I actually do have a pretty interesting story to tell about my life which not many people can tell the same. I could inform people on what it is like to travel over seas and visit exotic places. When I was younger I use to travel quite a lot, visiting places like Paris, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Jamaica, and more. I could talk about the different experiences I had while doing a slide show of my adventures. I have learned this semester that with this type of narrating, leaving music out would probably be a good idea so people could focus on what I was saying.

All I all if I was to do a digital story, I actually think I like the travel video the most. Mainly because I would not have to worry about copyright, and it would be a video on just me and the interesting things I have done and experienced. 


  1. Travel videos would be amazingly fun. My favorite thing to do when I travel is to watch people and gather story ideas. I love to imagine the conversations and background story of the people just walking by. Enjoy traveling.

  2. That sounds awesome tara!
    I could imagine how cool your mind map would look. I think it would be good and useful to help you visualize your ideas.