Sunday, March 3, 2019

Week 6

For this week’s reading I will be answering if the game “A Summer Story” is a story or a game or both. After playing it, it is safe to say that it is definitely a story. But is it also a game? It is not as interactive as some of the other activities we have done in this class like the cave game last week. In A Summer Story all I did was basically click enter and sometimes get the choice to pick if I wanted to venture off or turn off my phone to conserve battery life. I think this could have been enhanced if the story was longer but I got through it relatively quickly. Now this story definitely isnt something as advanced as an MMORPG (which is what I play a lot) so for me to say it is a game is kind of hard for me because I am use to using a controller and having combat and an open world experience, not just reading and getting to choose two options a couple times. However, letting me even choose a few options does enhance the story because it makes it more interactive, it personally makes me concentrate more so I can pay attention so I feel like I can choose the best option for me to make in the story. One literary element that made this story more entertaining was the sound effects. When I chose to go wander around the town looking for Ai’s café but ended up getting lost at night and heard the jingling sounds of something metallic brought on more intensity in the story.

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